Thursday, November 26, 2009

Later is better than never!

Some out of order photos from on trip in Europe....Soelden, Pitztal and Wittenburg

this is the early stages of my bruising from Wittenburg...because it was so icy the gates were coming up faster...the rest is explained by my arm.
Wittenburg indoor skiing. Super icy!
Pitztal after our mini snow storm...with of course a MASSIVE pushy line to get on the gondola!
Just a few of our skis
A walk the day before the snowstorm in the pitztal valley
Soelden-the difference in the amount of snow from year to year
The Devo team! left to right speedy, me, britt, eve, steph, erin. Coaches on the right are Walter and Tim.
Germany by air
After the first day of the snow storm
another shot from the pretty walk!

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