Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hi Everyone! I have just reset some of my settings for my blog! It is now possible for anyone to leave (nice) comments! I'd love to know if anyone is actually reading this!

I am currently back in Kirchberg after a day and a half stint in Reiteralm...which is about 15 minutes from Flachau and right beside Schladming. Yesterday I freeskied GS and today....I did Slalom GATES!!! Felt great to be back in gates after a 12 day break due to a very upset back. It behaved itself all day today and I was able to do 5 runs in the course. It was excellent training conditions, sunny with injected snow. We were training with the Swedish team which is always good as well as Sarka Zarobska, a czech girl who wins WC slaloms.

Tomorrow I head to Bolsterlang, Germany for some slalom FIS races.

I am trying to make a video right now of what it is like being in Europe...haha however all I have so far is us driving!!! I am going to have to video the huge jigsaw puzzle we are working on downstairs and possibly grab my ski video...hmmm what else?

Until next time!



  1. hi elli all the mcb's love reading what you are up to. hope the back stays proper, good luck over there.
    cheers brian mcbroom