Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring is in the air!

My dog Jazz after her first dip of the year in the lake!

The slalom of Nationals with Britt Jaynk

So I have been taking it nice and chill since finishing my race season at Spring Series in Nakiska on the 1st. I went home and fore ran the Canadian Masters Nationals which was a blast. It is incredible that you can ski race until your 90 (yes there was an incredible man there who's birth year was 1919!!!). If that is not motivation to live long and prosper I don't know what is!

I accomplished some real days of rest and got a few days of skiing in with my family! I also got to do a day of free skiing with my coach from when I was on the Sun Peaks Alpine Club, Johnny Crichton, who is still my favourite coach I have ever had! It is amazing how much confidence someone can inspire in you in just one day (thanks Johnny!!)

On the 9th I flew back out to the Banff area to have a great ski day with my buddy Mike Schneider who is out this direction to do his level 4 ski instructor exam (Good Luck MIKE)! We had a great day freeskiing the world cup downhill run at Lake Louise (much nicer to do on GS boards than DH's!!!).

Today I trained slalom at Norquay with Steph Irwin, Kelly McBroom and the BAR ski club. Again it was great! There were two courses set up, a drill course and a normal course. The awesome axis was off the charts (thanks mike for the quote!!). This was followed by lunch out in Canmore, a wicked game of scrabble, meeting Kelly's cool cousins and their cute dog Bruno, dinner at the grizzly paw-followed by crepes then....then to finish off an amazing day we saw three bands playing at a local coffee shop!! I absolutely loved the live music and drinking herbal tea!! The bands were Peter Katz (amazing lyrics and vocals), In-flight Safety (great sound!) and Yukon Blondes which blew the roof off the place with an incredible jam session at the end of their set...followed by an encore which resulted in the whole tea shop erupting into a dance party! I had no choice but to support them by buying a whole bunch of their CD's!! (Got to support the artists you know!!)

So basically my life has been great lately and I am hoping the trend will continue-on and off snow!

Cheers everyone...hope you are having an incredible spring!!!


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