Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer and beyond!

Hello All!

So it has been quite a while since I last blogged. Sorry. I have been working really hard lately and haven't had a chance to sit and think for a while!

This past 2 months I have been working non-stop on our home reno project. It is going really well but a little slower than initially planned (you could say renovating an old house is like opening a can of worms)...but I won't go that far. It has been a great experience which has taught me a lot about the construction business and how to work in close quarters with my whole family! It really has been good. I don't think I have been home for such an extended amount of time for the past few years....well actually since I finished school...this has been my longest stay at home. To qualify I did go away a couple times but they were under a week so don't really count!

So far in July I have gone to Whistler for a dryland slash ski camp and I am now in Canmore visiting and training with my friend and teammate Kelly McBroom. I leave for New Zealand on the 28th of July. So stay at home is over for now. I will be in New Zealand for 5 weeks which will be very exciting as I have never been to New Zealand.

Ta ta for now!

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