Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Hi everyone...I have been a bad bad blogger!! Sorry about that! I am home now after a amazing three week camp in Chile. I have been to Chile 5 times now...I already have all the photos I need of Chile! I am really stoked on how I am skiing after this camp. Amazing how a little positive energy can go such a long way! It was alot of fun skiing with the BC team men and women. They have so much energy and enthusiasm for the sport! Ah pre-political it!

After Chile I came home and completed physical testing and my ACT test(an entrance exam for US Universities). Feels good to have both of those out of the way! I feel really good about my results in both!

So now I am home. Enjoying fall to the max and spending A LOT of time in the gym. I have been helping out my local club at dryland which has been entertaining and again motivational. Amazing how many kids start in this sport....I feel so privileged to have made it this far! Not many do! My mom always like to compare my success to hockey "If you were a hockey player you'd be on the Olympic winning team or a star NHL player!! just chose a sport that is way harder to succeed at". This is true. On the Canadian Olympic Hockey team there were 23 athletes. In Alpine skiing 7 women went and 12 men. Our whole sport was represented by less people than one hockey team. Putting my career into perspective has really left me proud of my accomplishments and also so ready to take on the world. Seeing my teammate Marie-Michele Gagnon have success at the opening race in Soelden shows that our Canadian team is incredibly strong. We have so many good young athletes who will be starting either their first or second year on World Cup. I cannot wait to see how this season plays out.

As my prep season comes to an end and the race season looms large in front on me I feel relaxed, motivated, strong and I know I have done everything this summer that I could to give me the greatest chance at success this winter. What a great place to be in.



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