Thursday, May 10, 2012

The end of my freshman year...and the beginning of something new!

Hello everyone!

Since my last post I have been incredibly busy hitting the books studying for final exams!  I am happy to say that today I am officially finished my freshman year of civil engineering!  WOW!  How did it go by so quickly?  I could never have imagined how much I enjoyed this year.  I have really been enjoying school the past few weeks.  Its the first time since before ski season that I have been able to get into a rhythm and have a set schedule.  It was nice.  My marks really took an upturn since the end of the ski season and I feel like my exams went fairly well!  Today I showed up to hand over and test my final project in Matlab (a computer programming course).  We had to make a computer script which would tell the iRoomba robot (you know the little robot which is actually a vacuum) to sweep an area looking for "survivors" in a "disaster zone".  Our teacher set up rocks, water jugs, "cliffs" (black paper) and walls which our robot had to navigate.  It was really cool to see something that I designed on the computer take shape in real life....well sort of.  As I walked out afterwards I felt an immediate sense of FREEDOM!!!  And the thought "Well what should I do now?".  And as usual that thought led me to the great gym on campus for a spin and lower body.  This April/ May has been great for my favourite activities of running and playing tennis.  I even got new grips for my tennis racket....BRIGHT Pink (So I'd better improve my game quickly!!!!).  About a week and a half ago I ran 10 miles!  That is the furthest I have ever gone!  So its been a great spring!

Today I can officially say that I have been selected to once again be on the Canadian Team!  I am SUPER excited to represent Canada and the University of Vermont in the upcoming season!  I will keep everyone updated throughout the summer!

Thanks for all the well wishes and support it couldnt have been done without you!


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