Sunday, June 2, 2013


I found a few photos of this spring to add!  After the busy schedule I have been keeping for the past two years my life seems to have finally hit slow motion for a little while.  I actually have had a little time to sit and think!  

I ended the season off with a third at Canadian Championships.  After coming 4th twice it was nice to finally step onto the podium.  After Whistler I headed straight back to Vermont to finish up my year of school.  As per usual I loved it!  I cannot believe how much I enjoy learning about dynamics, statistics, differential equations etc.   I am happy to say I am through my second year of civil engineering!  I cannot wait to get back into classes....however that will have to wait.  In what was one of the toughest decision I've had to make in a long time, I have decided to take the next year off of school to pursue the Olympic Games.  This may seem like a no-brainer to everyone but me....I still wanted to do both!  However, I am extremely aware of how amazing both options are....there was no bad option just different consequences.  

After I finished my exams in May my boyfriend and I headed back across the country with my car fully loaded!  This time around I decided to take the route through the states-wow was gas cheaper!  I must say that it was a gorgeous drive.  In comparison to last year through Canada where it was about 8 degrees and raining most of the way, this year it reached a soaring 40 degrees as we crossed the American Prairies!  I thoroughly enjoyed the drive across South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and Washington.  The incredible change from the Badlands to the Black Hills to the rolling grasslands of Wyoming and Montana were stunning.  I cant wait to go back! 

I arrived home to a flurry of different activities.  I had an amazing week biking, hiking, catching up with my best friends and visiting with my amazing family.  It never seems long enough though.  As I departed there where still so many things I wanted to do and see at home!  However, it was time to fully get down to my job-training!  I drove to Canmore and am now onto week two of our intense summer training.  Despite not great weather (again about 10 degrees and raining) the training has been excellent.  Without school, I have had way to much time on my hands.  It took me this first week to get used to it.  I always feel like I am forgetting that I need to be doing something!  This "quiet" time has really allowed me to do some reflecting, organization and catch up on what feels like a year of missed sleep!  

Here are a few photos taken March-May!

 Arriving home in March for the first time since July and being greeted with a bouquet of flowers from my brother!  Best Brother EVER!

 Skiing 26 cm of fresh powder at my home mountain SUN PEAKS RESORT in March.

 Being thwarted from studying by my roommates hilarious fat cat Meeu.

My amazing boyfriend bought me golf clubs for my birthday!  A total rookie, but I am loving golfing!

Hiking with my best friends near the airport in Kamloops.

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