Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Second First Steps!

Well Hello!

These past three days have been the happiest (and most productive) in a LONG time!

My physio went well on physio took off my brace and asked me to bend my knee straight away. She then measured exactly how far I could bend it. I could bend it-immediately after taking off the brace-90 degrees! This apparently is an accomplishment (the first thing my physio said to me was "you cheated!"-which I didn't) which doesn't happen that often! After putting a heating pad on my knee I was able to bend it even more and was quickly told to progress to trying to spin on a bike! This I was able to do as well! Although at a snail's pace and going very carefully around the top of the spin. Tracy told me then that I would probably be able to walk by Monday, but I could use my crutches as a bit of a safeguard until I felt comfortable. So now don't have to wear my brace! I threw it in the garbage of the clinic...that thing wasn't coming home with me! As I left the clinic I had a perma-grin attached from ear to ear!

I guess you could call me a bit of a over-achiever/very impatient. When I got home I walked around a bit with my crutches but immediately started taking "1 step" without them...then it was "3 steps" the time my Dad got home from work I was walking across my room and trying to bend my leg more and straighten it further! My grin didn't leave the entire evening!

Now three days into walking I can spin on a bike without to much trouble and walk a little more fluidly than before. I also have really increased my ability to bend and straighten my knee! I'm now able to hug my arms around both my legs no problem while touching my hands to my elbows!

I think my favourite thing about walking is being able to carry things! I'm finally able to actually help out around the house! I can now carry my laundry to my room, tie my own shoes(with the brace I couldn't really bend my leg far enough to reach my foot), carry the milk from the fridge to the counter, put away dishes... the list is endless of the meaningless little tasks that were so difficult before! Another thing I was happy about leaving my crutches behind for was that people would stop saying "ouch" or "ohhh, that must of hurt" whenever they saw me. After three months of hearing this statement over and over I was very excited to look "normal"!However apparently this won't stop till my limp is un-noticeable. Last night I went to see my friends up at Sun Peaks for a couple of hours and as soon as I walked into Bottoms a man sitting at the bar said those exact words "ouch". What a mood killer! If only he knew how much I am not feeling the "ouch" factor right now! I feel more along the lines of euphoric!

OK, that is my update! On Monday I go in for physio again and sometime next week I will be heading to Calgary to REALLY start up the rehab! I'm finally feeling like the wheels on the train are starting to pick up speed!



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