Friday, March 6, 2009


I am currently half way through my stay in Calgary and it is going great! It is incredible how fast the body can realign itself! At the beginning of the week my knee wobbled and shook like a leaf when doing single leg exercises NOW however I can feel my leg smoothly moving through its range of motion without..or at least...minimal shaking!! I feel stronger and more stable going down stairs AND.................................I HAVE STARTED LIGHTLY JOGGING!!! It feels incredible!! I have been dreaming of the day when I could run again since October 10th at about 9:31Am Austria time...the moment after this journey began!

Achieving little goals every day has been key to moving forward for me. So although I am in the gym, working really hard and getting really stiff in the process...I am not pushing myself too hard right now with the weights. I have decided that QUALITY is better than quantity. If I want my leg to return to top shape I need to build it correctly and efficiently. This is a lesson I learned last summer when I got up to 173lbs! Sure, I was very strong but I was no longer able to move as fast as I needed to as a technical skier. So, my new motto is quality NOT it right the first time and be steady....the results will show in the end!

On to another very exciting topic..My teammate Kelly McBroom and I are going down to the carribean on a cruise!!! We are both recovering from knee reconstructions and both needed to get away from snow and skiing for a little while. it will hopefully be the perfect mental break for us before the summer.
Ciao for now!

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