Saturday, February 28, 2009

Well, another stage of recovery is almost over. Since my last post there has not been much "exciting" progress to report. I am currently in the slow steady recovery phase. I am working on my low cardio range as well as building general muscle strength in my legs.

However, this has finally allowed me the chance to fully reflect (in a fairly non-emotional way) on my life, where it has been, where it is going and my life right now...inbetween. As an injured athlete it seems that you have a past (when you were skiing) and a future (when you'll start skiing again)-life on the road to recovery is a black hole with no meaning but to get back to where you were before. It can become quite frustrating to realize that your life, from other people's perspective, is on hold. Someone just pressed pause. This is a sad concept as I am learning and living so much right now. It may be in a very average way, nothing spectacular, but it is still a important part of my life and my career! This is the part of my career where I am able to figure out what I am made of mentally and physically. After a break from skiing I am now able to look back and know how amazing my life has been. How good I was at my sport, how much I love it AND I can live without it and feel successful. A few weeks ago I helped organize a free community sports event that had about 5000 people show up. It was a very interesting experience. It was amazing to me how much my ability to focus and work hard translated over into this VERY foreign type of work. It was nerve racking but, just like in skiing, you have to get over your fear and just do the work. Thank you to Caroline Boomer and Sukh Heer from Pacific Sport for allowing me that amazing opportunity.

Tomorrow I am going to travel to Calgary for my first real block of training. This is the next big step for me on the road to recovery. I will be working with the Canadian team physio Kent Kobelka every day. It will be great to be in a training environment again! This will be a great way to refocus myself and slowly start the process of being a ski racer again!

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