Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Hello all!
Ok! So!

I am currently back in Calgary! AGAIN! yay? yup! I am doing a ton of working out! That is all I say! I arrived on Sunday and have since completed 6 workouts (its wednesday). The intensity of the workouts have been upped and the amount of cardio is down slightley. Only a 40 km ride this morning instead of 80. On monday we were in the gym for 3 and a half hours in the morning and completed an hour bike ride in the afternoon. Yesterday we were in the gym for 2 and a half hours then had a nutrition seminar followed by an intervals cardio workout. Welcome back to Calgary! We are in a new dorm is quite "cozy" shall I say. One thing is for sure....the fridge is not big enough to accommidate 4 female athletes food!

More updates to come!

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