Thursday, July 23, 2009

Home tomorrow!!


Today was my last day in Calgary!!! I get to go home tomorrow! This is such welcome news! We have been having a heat wave here in Calgary and my team mates and I have nicknamed our dorm room the "sauna" keeps heat in! There are only a few small windows and no ventilation to be heard of!

Today ws a big day in the gym as I squatted past my max ever! My previous max was 218 lbs in the summer of 2007 and I was only able to do about 3 repetitions. Today I squatted two plates a side which amounts to 225 lbs!!! And I was able to do 4 sets of 7 repetitions at that weight! This is another huge step on the road to recovery...being stronger than ever! YES!

Hope everyone is enjoying the heat wave!



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