Sunday, March 28, 2010

Canadian Champs!

Yesterday was a great way to end off my season...or well almost end. We raced slalom and when all was said and done I ended up 4th (3rd Canadian). This is my best result in a while! After the slalom we all drove out to Calgary to compete in a dual slalom at Canada Olympic Park! It is a classic dual slalom...slalom radius with gs panels...two courses. It is set up so the provinces face off against each other. BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec are the competing provinces and it was a close race. BC lost against Alberta in the first round by one point! Ontario took out Quebec to advance to the finals against Alberta. In the finals Alberta dominated! It is a super fun atmosphere with everyone cheering and the racers having a great time! Each team was comprised of a female and male club athlete, provincial athlete, development team athlete and a world cup athlete. It was great to meet some of the young hot shots coming up! Very exciting for them and for us to race and everyone is super supportive of the younger athletes!

Tomorrow I start western spring series where my sole role is supporting the younger athletes by showing them good skiing and showing my enthusiasm for their racing! Should be really fun to hang out with the western athletes! Can't wait!

until next time!


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