Monday, March 22, 2010

Moving on!

So I am currently at US nationals in Lake Placid. It is amazing how "official" their nationals are! They had fireworks, autograph signing, and a band playing at their open ceremonies. At the mountain they have an official athletes lounge complete with free lunch, drinks and internet provided for the athletes! You actually feel like an elite athlete at this event.

Yesterday was a consistant day for my skiing. The weather and conditions here in lake placid are not ideal. It is was overcast yesterday and raining today. The snow is really granular and breaks down very quickly. It requires amazing amount of work to keep it in good shape. Yesterday was the type of day were starting early in the flip second run can result in amazing results ( Congrats to Maddie Irwin a young Canadian that took FULL advantage of her start second run to move from about 15th place to 6th!!). It felt good to finish but I would have like to have been in a better position than 14th. But sometimes things just don't line up.

Today we watched the boys GS. It took the course workers 4 extra hours to prep the course because of the terrible snow conditions. The snow was "rotten" it had a two inch crust on top of granular slush. I am hoping to have a good start number tomorrow as it definately played a big role in the placements today.

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