Wednesday, December 15, 2010

NorAm Win!

So I am in a much better mood this time around writing!!! I just won my second NorAm!! Panorama has been good to me once again! Kelly McBroom took photos at awards which I will post soon! Until then I will shout out some thanks!!

Mom and Dad-I've put you through the ringer I know!
BC Alpine for letting me train with the guys all summer
Kelly, Bre, Mike, Joel, and everyone else who has been sending me great vibes via text the past few days!
Brandon Dyksterhouse (and Sean Frith) and Johnny Crichton for being awesome at coaching me!
Izzy HamptonStone of BrainTrain and Dave Freeze of Ripplerock Consulting for the great mind power!!!

Enough self indulgence...tomorrow back to work..really looking forward to the GS!

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