Monday, December 13, 2010

on to Panorama!

Well unfortunately I have no new photos to put up. Upon writing this I have realized that I have not been taking any photos of late! When you've been to the same places a few times the motivation to take photos dwindles!

At the Nor Ams in Colorado I had a mixed bag of results. I was 10th the first day of the Slalom I dnf'd second run the 2nd day after skiing the entire first run with my pole guard broken off. In the GS I was 14th and 15th consecutively. I felt good about my GS finishes because I definitely had some wobbles and mistakes during those finishes. Especially the second day...I stopped on the bottom flats! So I left Colorado with a mixed bag of emotions. Actually fairly happy with my results but also knowing that I could have done better.

After Colorado I got to go home for a week (wow! that never happens at this time of year!) I spent my first day lolling around..sort of.. then got straight to work training with the Sun Peaks Alpine Club and one of my favourite coaches ever John Crichton..who has just returned to the club after a 6 year stint with the Canadian Mens Tech Team...need I say more? I felt I skied really well and as always when skiing with positive coaches I feel really confident coming out of the week! Though somehow I did manage to get frostbite on all my toes at -2!!!

Yesterday my mom and I drove out to Panorama. Possible the worst drive ever! It started out with a 27cm dump of fresh, HEAVY snow at our place. We ended up digging for two hours to get our car out of the ditch before we could even leave! After that was accomplished we set out hoping to arrive in Panorama around 9 30pm....we ended up arriving at 2AM!!! The rogers pass was incredibly treacherous! It is best described by the sign which flashed "slick slippery sections, compact snow, limited visibility, blowing snow". We ended up going 50km/hr most of the way in a HUGE line of semi's. We even passed a snowplow newly in the ditch! At one point we were stopped for an hour waiting because a semi truck had jack knifed into the ditch and was blocking most of the road. Anyway wow was I happy to finally arrive in Panorama.

Today I trained three runs just to get my legs back after the drive. I watched my friends race SG. Congratulations to Madi McLeish and Kelly McBroom 1st and 3rd today! Always great to see Canadians on top!

I am hoping to forerun the slalom portion of the super combined tomorrow and start racing on Wednesday!

Ciao for now!

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