Friday, February 25, 2011

Off to the little ski hill we went...

Hinterreit, Austria

Essentials to making it through your first night in Europe....

Hello All!

So I am now back in Europe! It was a hop, skip and a jump over the big 'ol pond and away I went! I arrived in Munich two days ago and drove straight to Saalfelden, Austria and did two incredibly tough days of slalom training. It was tough because of the conditions and terrain. Steep and freshly injected (so ball-y ice). It was good training...I don't think we will have a race that will be nearly that difficult. Today after training we up and moved to some town near the hill Bodele. Kind of hilarious that I dont actually know the name. I guess that is a prime example of how we travel in quickly in and out that we really only see the ski hill. We race tomorrow and the next day here before heading off to Poland. I'm sure I'll know the name by the time we leave. Wish me luck!

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