Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The last four days

So on Saturday I raced my second World Cup. It was a beautiful sunny day with really icy snow! It was again a good experience. It was interesting coming through the finish line and seeing that I was in 34th...I definitely wasn't as excited as after my first World Cup! I really wanted to make the top 30! Somehow being just outside the flip just wasn't good enough anymore! Funny how quickly our expectations change! The Canadian team had some trouble first run so we all packed up and left after the first run. We drove straight to Munich. After some great Pizza we headed to bed and on flights home the next morning.

I arrived home at about 5pm on the 13th. After a lovely dinner with my whole family I headed home to do some laundry! The morning of the 14th at about 9 30 I left home to drive to Whistler. We raced today (the 15th) Slalom in crazy coastal weather. It was dumping snow with a very soft base. This is actually great conditions for someone like me who grew up in BC! Today I ended up 2nd in the first of two slalom NorAms here in Whistler!

Looking forward to the next few days!

More soon,


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  1. Hi Ellie,
    I just came across your blog the other day, and then saw you at a distance last weekend when you were handing out medals (my kids were skiing in the festival at Sun Peaks). It's excellent to keep up with you like this, and to see how well you are doing. I sent a link to your blog to Brock teachers (those who are left from your time at Brock) so they can check in with you, too. Keep working hard and skiing hard!