Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sorry...i know I am a terrible updater!

Hello everyone, Well the past month has flown by. Life has finally slowed down enough for me to reflect and have time to write everything down! I arrived home from Europe tired and motivated. The Nor-Am finals were moved up due to bad weather so after spending 12 hours at home I drove off to Whistler. I also managed to pick up a cold on the way home! Blagh! NorAm finals were a mixed bag of happiness and disappointment. The first two days were slalom-my main event! The first day was incredibly tough conditions but I managed it well ending up 2nd...scoring an 8 and moving myself back into the top 2 for NorAm standings. Day 2 of the slalom days was again very challenging conditions snowing, fog and soft wet snow that broke through very quickly. It was a rollercoaster ride! I was sitting in 5th after the 1st run and I knew I had to go for it 2nd run. Kiley Staples who I was racing against for the NorAm spot was sitting in 6th. So my mentality out of the start was to gun it! Unfortunately half way day the pitch I felt my ski catch on plastic. It was very small but I straddled a gate. I knew I was having a good run and all I had to do was finish. I couldnt believe after all the work all year I lost my NorAm top 2 spot due to a tiny straddle that I couldn't control. Gut wrenching. I had the same thing happen to me last year as well. In the top 2 till the last day then bam! gone. For those who don't know if you are in the top two overall in NorAm standings for the year you earn yourself your own WorldCup spot for the following season. Its basically a golden ticket. And I lost it again! So that was a little disappointing! By the time the GS days rolled around my cold was in full bloom. Having not been sick all year I felt as whinny as a child with the sniffles! Hah I couldnt handle it! However the conditions drastically improved for the GS days and they ran without a hitch. I can't remember how I did but I was happy with the progression of my skiing over the four runs! From Whistler I went home for a couple days. I trained with the club...drove to Vancouver to see the epic Cirque de Soleil show Cavalia with horses!! It was great! Then off I drove to rejoin the "white" circus in Nakiska for Canadian Nationals. Nationals are always a good time. Everyone is excited that it is the end of the year and to be all together again! This year there were some surprise winners (congratulations Madi McLeish for winning the Canadian SG Title) and some not so surprise winners (congratulations Marie-Michele Gagnon on winning the SC, SL and GS titles)! Personally I was quite happy with my performances in GS and Sl. I was 6th in the GS with my 2nd run being the 2nd fastest! That is a huge improvement! In the slalom I was 4th. I was hoping to podium but luckily Canada is not lacking for talent in the slalom discipline! After Nationals it was decided that I would fly to Quebec for Eastern spring series. As the whole National team was going the points were going to be very good with the possibility of scoring! It was a solid effort but I matched my points-I did not score. Flying home from Quebec the incredible feeling of relaxation almost came over me....the season is over! What now? I don't have to ski?...I say almost because my flight from Montreal to Calgary (where I left my car) was delayed by over 5 hours!!! After I arrived in Calgary I had to drive back to Kamloops. So in total I was awake for 23 hours. I arrived home at 12 30 pm after waking up at 4 30 am (eastern time) to catch my flight from Quebec City to Montreal. Needless to say I can't believe I actually made it home that evening! A few days have passes since I've been home. Its been a great opportunity to see family and friends and re-learn the slower pace of spring time. This isnt lasting too long however as I am headed to Thailand today! I know what your thinking..how is that possible? Kindness and areoplan points my friend. Both absolutely amazing things! I am joining my friend Kelly McBroom (yes she loved the Coffee Fund for those of you who have been following my blog...thank you for donating and she is much recovered!), her uncle lives in Bangkok so we are going to visit him! And of course just see where our adventuring takes us while we are over there! a note on the end of the season....its been an amazing year. Full of friends, family and improvement throughout the season. It was a season of firsts and this will definitely not be my last season of racing! I am looking forward to training this summer and racing again next year. Thank you to EVERYONE who has supported me this year. It has meant the world to me! I will update when I get home from Thailand. Until then have a great spring!

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