Thursday, February 18, 2010

On the road again

Ninja moves in the air

My amazing brother!
Sun Peaks...the most beautiful place on earth!

It has been WONDERFUL to be home! I was only home for a very short amount of time (three days) but I feel grounded again after seeing my family and friends. I met my new cousin Sawyer who is now 4 weeks old and beyond adorable!!! I got to play Cranium Cadoo with my cousin Taylor who at the age of 14 is now towering over me!! I got to ski with my brother which NEVER happens! It was a powder day at Sun Peaks and though it was really warm at the bottom of the resort the top still had amazing snow! He got me to do jumps off of the snowghosts which is something I haven't done since WAY before my injury. Unfortunately I was on GS race skis which are not the best skis for powder and moguls but it was fun anyway. I managed to cross my tips and do a somersault right under the Crystal chair lift which was highly amusing to everyone above me! We watched the Womens Downhill and cheered on my teammates who were competing! Congratulations to Britt (6th), Emily(16th) and Shona(21st)!

Today I am heading with my brother up to Whistler to watch some of the other events with my family before re-joining my team on the 21st. We are going to watch the 2 man Bobsled, Womens 10 k (I believe) cross country and the Mens GS. Very excite to be a part of the excitement!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week and keep cheering the home team they are doing amazing!!!

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