Monday, February 15, 2010

Time to go home!

Since my last post things have gone by quite fast. Counting the days till I was back in Canada was one of my main activities of the days. I am now sitting in the lounge at the Toronto Airport on my way home and I just saw myself on TV in the Panasonic ad I did earlier in the year. Very funny. It is soooo nice to hear English and be in Canada it was definitely time to come home (though I still have at least another 8 hours to go before I am in my final destination Kamloops)! I am going to be flying through the Vancouver airport on my way home to Kamloops for 3 days. Should be pretty interesting being in the epi-centre..."the gateway" the Olympics!

After leaving Munich we went to several races in very remote locations including Gaal and Krakauebene, Austria...Gotchsen and Lenggries, Germany. They were all cute little towns with a lot of leiderhosen and traditional garb. In Krakauebene we had to go to a bib draw where we witnessed several young men dressed in traditional Austrian wear perform a traditional dance complete with yodelling and sawing a tree in the middle of the room. Very entertaining!

I am going home for three days then heading to Whistler to play my small part in the Winter Games. Cant wait!

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