Thursday, February 25, 2010

Photos from the Olympics!

Some very out of order photos from the past few days!

I will write about it later!


After fore running with my happy tired parents
Some very tired volunteers at 7 15 am!
Me and my brother goofing around in the village
Another amazing Norwegian fan!
Best family ever!
Eve and I after our day forerunning
Me and my mom!
My mom's volunteer crew was up multiple days at 3 am helping to prepare the course for us! Thank you to all the volunteers!
Supporting the Canadian Boys at the Mens GS

A excited Norwegian Fan!
Eve and I went freeskiing in our new fore runner garb!
Blacktusk, an inukshuk and some fore runners

The peak to peak gondola! The view from halfway across! It is as high as the CN tower..
Justin ripping down the "Extreme Couloir" on Blackcomb

Having just skied the couloir it was time for it to be a great backdrop! We skied to the left of the peak.
Getting my Olympic Accredidation
Our night at the bobsled track!
Team Australia upside down!
Some big Germans! Bobsledders take the cake on the huge muscly factor!
The steep uphill hill! And a beautiful sunset behind!
Team Canada

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