Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Here is a little video I made about my preseason training! Enjoy!

Footage taken in:

Wittenburg, Germany (indoor training slalom)

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  1. Greetings from your host Olympic city Vancouver !! Ineeded a little motivation and enjoyed redemtion as I am recovering from a fractured tib/fib in Nov.after crashing my dirt bike and will not be able to enjoy carving up Blackcomb this season.Thanks Elli for some inspiration! I'm sorry to hear of our injured team members, brutal. To them heal fast and well. For the rest of you fly that Crazy Canuck flag high and get down to business as its time to show the world how we will rip it up in our own back yard !! Elli, you signed my book Crazy Canuckette,(hopefully). Let me assure you that you will make us proud !! You are strong, capable and a racer !! Ican relate from supporting our National Ski Team in spirit and relating my skiing to my motorcycle racing intensity. GO CANADA GO !!!!!!!