Monday, December 7, 2009


We are currently in Panorama! It took us three days to get here!

After my last post a snow storm blew into Calgary and stopped all air traffic. We ended up spending an extra night there. When we went to the airport the next morning our flight was once again cancelled so we took a San Diego! We were closer to mexico than Calgary which was hilarious! The plan had been to leave from the airport to Panorama but because of how late we ended up arriving in Calgary we stayed overnight there. We arrived in Panorama at about 5 30 pm yesterday. Today we trained Slalom on Hayfever the wc slalom run here in Pano. It was injected but this was NICE was really grippy. TIm set a really difficult course and we only did four runs. Those 4 runs took us almost 2 hours as we had to go inside each run because it was so cold. It was around -27 degrees. It was cold enough that they delayed the dh start in Lake louise. It was -36 degrees there this morning. Tomorrow we are training slalom again and wednesday we are training gs. Looking forward to it!

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